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With S&D Social Retail, you pick what to share and how and we’re thrilled to share a new update to help you modernize and customize your site. You are now able to personalize your website and really make it your own! Find out how to do so by watching the step-by-step video below.

What’s new? (as of 6/9/20)

  • Set a short bio about yourself and include optional links such as your Facebook VIP group, blog, press, 1:1 consultation booking, Calendly for booking, etc. 
  • Input direct links to your email and social media with full control to share or hide this information 
  • Pick up to 8 product categories to feature 
  • Show off your favorite products on your homepage and switch it out as often as you want or with each new launch
  • Create-a-Look in Mimi and share them with customers via your PWS! The boards will link to shoppable landing pages 

Please note that if you choose not to customize your PWS, we will share Home Office default content beginning the week of 6/22. Until then, your PWS will remain as is.

Try it for yourself! 

  1. Log into the Lounge and hover over your profile icon in the top right corner
  2. Click on “Account Settings”
  3. You’ll land on your Account Details page, where you can upload your profile picture
  4. Using the left navigation (on desktop) or the dropdown menu (on mobile), select PWS/E-marketing Suite
  5. On the PWS/E-marketing Suite page, you’ll see that you’re on the Settings tab
  6. If you click over to the Customize your Homepage tab, this is where you can choose which categories, products, and looks to feature on your PWS Homepage
    1. Note that you’ll customize once, and that these selections will apply to both US and Canada versions of your PWS site
    2. These selections will appear to all customers who come to your PWS site via your unique URL
  7. To select featured categories (max of 8 shown at a time):
    1. Click on the pencil icon to see the available categories you can feature
    2. When you click on each category image, a number appears – this is the order that it will appear in on the strip of categories on your Homepage
    3. Once you have several categories selected, you can click on each category to set your desired sort order
    4. If a category does not have number on it, it will not appear on your Homepage
    5. Once you hit save your categories will immediately show up on your PWS Homepage
  8. To select featured products (max of 10 shown at a time):
    1. Click on the pencil icon to start searching for and selecting products
    2. After you’ve selected the products, you can drag and drop to re-order them
    3. You can also click on the trash can icon to delete your selection
    4. Once you hit save your products will immediately show up on your PWS Homepage
  9. To select featured looks (max of 8 shown at a time):
    1. First, you’ll need to make sure you have created saved looks in MIMI
    2. Once you’ve done that, your saved looks will appear in Lounge for you to select from
    3. Select and sort the same way you would for the categories
    4. Once you hit save your looks will immediately show up on your PWS Homepage

Some FAQs to help you maximize these updates:

  • How can I use this to engage my customers?
    • Your customers come to you for your personalized service and recommendations. Use this to showcase the products you’re loving at the moment, how you would use or wear them, and how you’d put them together.
    • Utilize your contact links as a way to have your PWS site act as your virtual business card with links to your social media accounts and e-mail address (it’s optional to make this public).
    • The feature URL field is versatile – use it to highlight your VIP group, or to send customers to a Calendly page where they can see your availability and book 1:1 time with you for some personalized shopping or skincare consultations.
  • What if I don’t make any customizations?
    • That’s ok! If you don’t select any products, categories, or looks to feature, we will show your PWS visitors default content starting the week of 6/22/20 that we have selected that feature our top selling products. 
  • How many products / categories / looks should I feature?
    • You can feature up to 10 products, up to 8 categories, and up to 8 looks at one time. We recommend starting with at least 4-6 for each, because data shows that having more recommendations is better for customer conversion. If you go with an even number, it’s also good for ensuring that the layout looks good across mobile devices.
  • Should I feature all brands?
    • The beauty is that it’s up to you! We have amazing products across brands, but let this be a time to show off your authentic recommendations. Passionate about skincare and makeup? Highlight EVER and the makeup and skincare products you love. Is it the holiday season? Perhaps you’d like to feature your top items across all brands as great gift options. 
  • How do I use Create-a-Look on Mimi so I can feature my shoppable boards on my PWS?
    • Check out this training in SMU on how to use Mimi’s Create-a-Look feature. You can send out shoppable boards to your customers that will automatically take them to a cart with the products featured in your board!
  • Why don’t I have the option to customize?
    • Only Ambassadors with an active PWS subscription will be able to customize a PWS

Setting your preferred brand

Here’s your guide to setting brand-specific landing pages in our site navigation menu and making your personal websites even more customizable! Read more below. 

Brand Site Navigation

Our goal is to ensure that your personal website (PWS) easily reflects what products or categories you love most while also giving you the ability to focus on one specific brand. And, doing so in a way that truly lets each brand shine! 


  • You can now select a preferred brand for your personal website (PWS) in addition to creating your own cross-brand boutique by customizing your PWS.
  • Your options are Stella & Dot, KEEP or EVER and each brand will have its own home page. If you have “No preference” selected we will default you to Stella & Dot. 
  • Stella & Dot and KEEP share the same navigation menu while EVER has its own that now offers a deeper array of categories to browse. 
  • For customers, you can toggle between the brand sites and add products from different brands – cart and checkout will be shared!
  • In MIMI, your preferred brand will be saved if you have set it. You’ll also be able to change your preferred brand selection from the share screen in MIMI.
  • If you have one brand as your preferred brand but want to share another brand, that’s okay and you can! 
    • For example, if you have KEEP set as your preferred brand and want to share an EVER product with a customer, when your customer clicks on the EVER product, they’ll see the EVER branded version of the site. This is so we can maintain consistency with the product they’re seeing and the navigation menu that shows above it. But if you just share your PWS link, it will load the KEEP branded site for you.
  • For those who want to select multiple brands, customizing your PWS is your answer! You can share whichever products, categories, and looks you’d like. See below for step-by-step instructions on how to do it. 


First, log in to the Lounge with your Ambassador login credentials. On the top right hand side of the screen hover over your profile picture so that a dropdown menu appears.

Select “Settings” and then once you’re on that page, click on Customize Your Homepage.

If you scroll down to the bottom of the page, you’ll see that there is a “Preferred Brand” section. Note: If you were a KEEP or EVER Ambassador who was part of the 2020 Family of Brands migration, we automatically set your preference to KEEP or EVER since we had it on file. For everyone else you’ve been set to No Preference, which will just default you to S&D.

For additional info on how to set up your Featured Products, Featured Categories, and Favorite Looks, check out this training here

In MIMI, if you do not have a preferred brand saved, you will be prompted to save one when you go to share an image, video, or product on the share screen. Once you have a preferred brand shared, you will see it noted on the share screen and when you click on “select a link” you will see a button to “change brand” if you’d like to.


As a customer, when you come to the Corp site or a PWS, you will be able to browse the different brands and shop across brands and categories with one single shared Cart and Checkout. 

Here is a customized PWS with EVER set as the preferred brand.

Here is a customized PWS with S&D set as the preferred brand.

Here is a customized PWS with KEEP set as the preferred brand.

You can use these tabs to switch back and forth between the brands.

If an Ambassador shares URLs with you, you may not always see your Ambassador’s preferred brand. That is okay!

For instance, if your Ambassador has EVER set as their preferred brand but they want to send you a new S&D necklace – then when you open the product page link, we’ll match the brand and navigation menu to S&D so that the product makes sense in the context of the page. Otherwise you would see the EVER site with an S&D product, which could be confusing.

In terms of transactional emails, such as your order or shipping confirmation emails, these will continue to be cross-brand.

We hope you enjoy customizing your site to match your personal brand and hope your customers love it too! You can also find training videos on how to use your digital assistant, Mimi, to increase your sales here

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