MIMI: Your Digital Assistant

MIMI: Your Digital Assistant 

Mimi is your mobile sales app that enables you to authentically and easily connect with your customers through personalized, customizable experiences to drive sales.

Alongside your personal website, Mimi is the Digital Coach that will take your business to the next level by providing you with high-tech tools to improve your reach outs and strengthen your customer connections! 

Check out the Tech & Tools course on Self Made University to get trained in depth on all things Mimi.

Run your gig easily and simply on the go with Mimi’s sales-boosting features:

  • Easily share images to prospective Ambassadors, Event guests, on social media, and via text and email – all linking directly to your Personal Website, a custom shopping bag, product details page or join page
  • Personalize your reach out images with text, frames and stickers
  • Share-a-bag with an accompanying image where customers can simply click your link and checkout in seconds 
  • Create a shoppable board to text out to customers with Create-a-Look
  • View your Events and create Save the Dates to increase attendance per show
  • Create Event invites that auto-populate with your Event details 
  • Place orders on the go 
  • Plus, Mimi will send you targeted tasks for event prep and customer follow up to complete each day to maximize your business! It also shares suggested follow up and reach out messages that you can send directly from Mimi via text or email, with the option to personalize it. 

Get to know your S&D Sidekick in 6 minutes

How to share media & Share-a-Bag

How to use Create-a-Look

How to use Tasks

How to place an order

Download MIMI

Login using your Ambassador ID and password associated with your account. Find more details on how to get MIMI and instructions for downloading here

Hear why Ambassadors love it

  • 90% of our top sellers who use MIMI on a regular basis say that it is essential to their business. 
  • 75% of our top sellers who use the app on a regular basis notice an increase in sales when they reach out using tools from MIMI.
  • We found that Ambassadors who use Tasks for follow up had an average of 8 more orders than Ambassadors who did not use Tasks. 
  • Mimi’s Share-a-Bag conversion rate is 4x higher than regular site conversion.
  • Since Create-a-Look launched in November 2019, there have been over 81,000 saved designs!

We asked our Advisory Council, comprised of top sellers from all levels, why they love Mimi:

“Mimi makes me proud to be an Ambassador and I want to show it off to everyone! It’s what I’m most excited to talk about and share from in so many ways. It makes me feel like a marketing genius. My favorite feature is the style boards and especially the fact that they are shoppable and able to attach so easily to any event, to rewards, etc. I love that it’s always evolving and refreshing with new images and tools. I especially love the reminders feature… it makes me a better Ambassador as it eases my mind because my customer service stays tight through its own service to my back office.”

“Mimi is my bff! She lets me know when an order has come in, a back ordered item has shipped, and encourages me to hit my goals. She’s my digital assistant who reminds me to follow up, reach out, and check the Lounge for important details. Love Mimi!”

“I love the share a cart option and the fact that I can easily link it to an event. I love the style boards that we can use and create! It lets us customize what we know our customers will like and then give the best customer service, which in turn drives sales!”

“The share a bag or a look or a style board features are my favorites! I can send messages to bday girls and those with credits 10x faster than if I was searching for my customers on my phone or FB. Mimi is a business game changer!”

“I love being able to make style boards and share a cart/bag. It’s so easy to reach out to birthday girls with the contacts filter. Obsessed with giving kudos to the ambassadors in our community and love how fun and easy it is to personalize these badges.” 
“The task and birthday reminders help me focus on that days’ task. Also, the ability to run my business from anywhere and anytime allow me to work it alongside a full time job”

Learn about MIMI’s Top 10 Features

Want to become a Mimi pro?

Check out the Tech & Tools course on Self Made University to get trained in depth on all things Mimi.

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