First Nations Sales Tax Exemption

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Depending on the province, your sale to a Status Indian may be exempt from GST/HST/RST. The Company is currently only able to process these exemptions manually. If your customer qualifies for the exemption, you must follow the steps below to receive a refund of the applicable tax:

  • To qualify for an exemption from GST/HST/RST, the Event and delivery of the order must take place on reserve land.
  • In Ontario, an order is exempt from the Ontario portion (8.0%) of the HST if delivery takes place off reserve land. The order will still be subject to the federal 5.0%.
  • You must submit copies of the customer’s valid status card (front and back) and pay for the exemption portion of the tax either yourself or the customer may pay for it on their card.
  • After the orders have been submitted, scan and email the documentation including the order number(s) to: Please include a statement of where the party was held and where the orders are being shipped to.

You will receive a refund of the tax paid, within 7 business days of receipt of the documentation through a credit to the card used for payment.

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