Referral Rewards

Our Referral Rewards program is designed to help you expand your network by making it easier for you to reach out to customers and get new customers from their network. Rather than having to ask someone to host an event, and then creating an event in the lounge, you can now contact a customer after they place an order and share how they can get rewards by shopping and sharing their link. 

Your business is based on word of mouth and these referral rewards let customers share 50% off deals while she gets to earn 50% of an item of her choice!  It’s as easy as 2 orders & $200 in sales- and she can even be one of those future orders.  

Think of all referral rewards as a soft opening for booking an event! Virtual or in person events are still the best way to maximize your sales, the customer experience and her rewards! 


What’s new for October?
As we approach the busiest shopping and earning season of the year, we enhanced  your Referral Rewards program to make it easier to share S&D and get more NEW customers from other customers! 

Starting October 1, every customer will automatically get their own referral link that they can share as they wish with friends. When friends shop using the link, they will get access to Monthly Exclusive Offers and the customer who shared her link will rack up the Referral Rewards! 

If the customer wishes to hold an event, they can do that too – just as they do now.


  • Every customer will receive their own unique referral link in their order confirmation email that will be associated with their customer account. Their link will be automatically generated upon placing their first order on, or after, 10/1.
  • Their link will be their ‘forever link.’ They can always use the same link to earn rewards and they can customize their link in their profile if they wish.
  • When the customer shares their link, they will have 30 days from the date of the first purchase on that link to rack up referral rewards. This deadline can be extended by the Ambassador creating an event for the Referrer. 
  • Customers can only have 1 earnings link at a time. 
  • Auto-generated Subscribe to Save orders cannot be transferred to an event​.
  • 2 order minimum for $200+ level, 4 order minimum for $300+ level
    • What constitutes a ‘unique’ order? Unique orders refer to the amount of customers making a purchase. This means that in order to qualify for Referral Rewards, the event or link must have generated at least 2 or 4 unique customers (with unique email addresses) which total $200+ in sales.
  • Customers can shop off of their own link to start earning Referral Rewards or to add an order in. How? Copy/paste personal Referral Rewards into browser and start shopping.
  • Ambassadors will need to create an event to ‘Double Dip.’ Allowed 4x per year.  However, we suggest you focus on other programs for Ambassadors Rewards such as Monthly Perks, Seasonal Perks, Jumpstart matching and Subscribe to Save perks. 

Where do I find the Referral Link? 

  • Customers:  
    • Customers must create an account or place an order to receive a referral link
    • Access Referral Link under Settings in Customer Account
    • Customer will receive link in every order confirmation 
    • Ambassadors can find their Customer’s Referral Link under their Customer’s profile 
  • Ambassadors: 
    • Referral links will not be automatically generated for Ambassadors
    • Ambassadors must create an event to get their personal referral link to earn referral rewards. As an Ambassador, 4x a year you can share your own event link to earn referral rewards. 

When does a customer start earning Referral Rewards?
A customer starts to earn referral rewards when she has 2 orders ($200 in sales) on her own referral link. One of those orders can be hers.

How do I upgrade a link to an event? 

  1. Simply create an event for that customer as usual. Go to: Events > Book an Event to create an event. 
  2. Choose your event dates 
  3. This will extend their current earnings period to the date selected automatically. The link will stay the exact same! 

What reporting do I have? 

  • See Link for every customer account in their customer profile 
  • Click ‘In SD Rewards Earning Period ’ to see all customers who are currently earning rewards. This will show the end date and total earned to date. 

How does the 30 days work? 
The 30 day earning period starts when the first order is placed against a link. That order includes the Referrer’s personal order.  The Referrer has 30 days to share and earn rewards before the rewards period resets. To extend the rewards period, create an event for the customer. This will automatically extend the earning period to the dates you selected when creating an event.

How is a Referral Link different from an Event? 
The links are one in the same. The event creation allows a Referral Link expiration to be extended. 

How do you create an event? 
An Event must be set up by an Ambassador in the Lounge. Go to: Events > Book an Event to create an event. 



  • Event Rewards expire after 90 days from the Event end date. ​This includes the 50% offs earned.  To help ensure your Customers don’t let their rewards slip away, we send email reminders 30 days and 15 days before rewards expire. Ambassadors are CCed on these emails so you can follow-up, help them place their order and book another show!
  • To view or redeem Customer rewards, click your initials in the upper right-hand corner of your customer account. Then, head to Settings –Credits & Coupons.
  • Customers can redeem their own rewards or you can redeem them for her.​
  • As required by law, Customers pay sales tax on the full value off free items and the as purchased price on 50% off items.​
  • If a Customer would like to use Event Rewards to purchase a discounted item, the reward will apply to the retail price of the item.​
  • Event Rewards cannot be combined with any promotions.​
  • If a Customer order is cancelled, Customer credits will be automatically reinstated at the time of cancellation.​
  • Ambassadors do not earn any QV on Customer rewards or half off items. 

Returns & Customer Rewards:

  • If a Customer order is cancelled, Customer credits will be automatically reinstated at the time of cancellation.
  • When a Customer returns and requests a refund on an item she purchased with her Customer 50% off credits, her 50% off Credits will be reinstated to her account after the return is received and processed at the Warehouse.

Can I run a Mystery Customer event?
When an Ambassador hosts a Sales Event without having or disclosing the Hostess prior to Hostess Rewards being earned, this is called a “Mystery Hostess.” If you decide to offer a Sales Event with a Mystery Hostess, you need to be aware that any such giveaway is yours and not from S&D.  See policies and procedures for more details. 

We recommend you use the program as intended to tap into new customers from a customer’s network helping you have an endless stream of new customers. Monthly Exclusive offers are a great shopping incentive for customers. Insiders Club and Subscribe to Save perks are designed to reward VIPS for loyalty. We believe by using the programs as intended you will maximize your earnings! 

Can my customers promote a referral link on social media?
Yes, your customer can promote a link on social media.

What happens if my customer shops off of a friend’s link? 
All customers have the option at checkout to select their preferred Ambassador. If they use a referral link generated by another Ambassador’s customer, the customer will be directed to their PWS and the customer will need to choose your name at checkout. 

If you have a customer who has you listed as their preferred Ambassador in their account settings, goes to an event of another Ambassador and shops with them, and they get an order confirmation sharing their referral link, that link will still be set to credit you, the original preferred Ambassador.  


Referral Rewards Launch Live Training and Q&A recording here.

For all questions about Referral Rewards, please contact the Delight Center.

  1. This program is solely designed to help you get more NEW customers from customers. 
  2. Customers automatically get a link when they shop with you, in their confirmation email – or you can send them  their link. Find it under their contacts. Everyone who already has an account has one waiting for them! Someone who has not shopped before and is not shopping at another person’s event or referral link can create an account to get a link. This is the only way to have an original order count on that link.
  3. Send your top customers their link! Find this easily in your contacts and share how they can start earning immediately. Shout out to Exec Coach Dana Hana for leading this idea!
  4. Check out words to say and how to work this program to your advantage in our Q4 Planner and Evergreen words to say guide found under the Worksmart Course in Self Made University.
  5. Provide follow up customer service to every customer who shops on a referral link – who also got a link!  This is your new customer acquisition tool and by helping her shop & share also, you will  quickly move into new circles.

Open Issues

Below is a list of current reported bugs and feature requests. No need to contact us for the following – we’re on it and will keep you posted on updates:

  • BUG:  Some emails do not contain links – currently being investigated. 
  • BUGAs an Ambassador, your PWS link is the same as your Referral Rewards link. When you have an event open, you will earn rewards when customers shop your link. This is not intentional and will be changed to an event specific link. You can double dip on rewards 4 times per year. Note: For Ambassadors who have been deactivated, their referral rewards link will be their former PWS link.  
  • BUG: Make it easier for Ambassadors to place a referral link order for a customer in lounge vs having the customer place it themselves. As an Ambassador, you can place an order for a customer on a specific referral link here 
  • FEATURE REQUEST: Rapid emails when credits are being earned. Request to encourage earning more vs just redeem and not send many when rewards are being rapidly. 

1. To earn rewards, you must FIRST get a link, then shop it and share it. 

Simply shopping on a PWS will not credit that order to a link, although the order will generate a referral link of its own so that an Ambassador can follow up and encourage them to shop and share. 

This original order will not be reassigned to that link. We keep it this way since most shop an alternative event and we do not want to create a customer conflict not to shop an event they are invited to. 

See the “how to earn” section above for tips to locate your customer’s Referral Link. 

Please note the Delight Center will not move these orders onto a referral link after October. However, because it’s unclear whether or not a customer is shopping on a referral link, we understand that some of your customers need their orders reassigned. If you need an order moved to a referral link in October, please email

  • Subject Line: Referral Rewards order reassignment
  • Include: Order number + name & email of the referrer 

Please note: As a part of the Delight Center’s workaround, you may notice the link will be updated to an event. This is a temporary solution. Additionally, we will not be able to reassign orders to referral rewards links starting in November, at which point we will have improved the site experience. 

2.  A link is automatically generated for all customer accounts.

You can proactively find the link in your contacts. Additionally, it will be sent to all customers with an order confirmation. That order is NOT credited on that link, as that order could be associated with another event/ link.


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