Birthday Rewards

Customer Birthday Offer

How it works

Our Birthday Rewards program is a way to show a little extra love to our customers during their birthday month! Customers with eligible birthdays will receive $25 USD/ $30 CAD off their purchase of $75 USD/ $90 CAD valid beginning the first of every month at 12:01am PT and ending the last day of every month at 11:59pm PT. The discount will automatically apply to the first qualifying order they place during their birthday rewards redemption dates.   

Customers with eligible birthdays will be notified via email the first week of their birthday month. In order to redeem, customers with birthdays (entered into their account) must add $75 USD/ $90 CAD or more of product to their cart. Once $75/ $90 CAD worth of items are added to cart, the discount will automatically apply in cart to full priced styles. The birthday promo will expire at the end of your customer’s birthday month unless otherwise stated in the FAQs.

Please note: In order for a customer/Host to be eligible for birthday rewards she must have created a customer account on and entered her birth date before the 25th of the previous month.

Special note: Birthday rewards will only apply to full priced items and cannot be combined with the Friends & Family discount. We recommend waiting to redeem your birthday rewards until after Friends & Family is over! March birthday rewards will be extended through 4/8.


How do I view my monthly birthday customers?
Customers with eligible birthdays will be notified via email the first week of their birthday month. Ambassadors will receive a copy of the email that your customers will receive, however, to spare your inbox, we will not be CCing Ambassadors on each customer email. Instead, you can easily reference your Birthday customers in the Lounge by following these steps:

  1. Log into the Lounge and go to ‘View Contacts’
  2. Select the filters: ‘Birthday this month,’ ‘customer,’ ‘host,’ and then click, ‘Apply’
  3. You will then see a list of customers that have  Birthday Rewards to redeem. 

Does my customer need to be opted into marketing emails to be eligible for this promotion?
No! While your customers will receive an email reminding them of their birthday rewards, the discount is automatically loaded to customer accounts and will not require a promo code via email.

How will my customer receive this offer?
Each customer with an eligible birthday will have the birthday rewards promo automatically uploaded to their customer account. Redeeming is easy! Simply follow the below instructions: 

1. Log in to your customer account

2. Add $75/ $90 CAD or more in product to your bag

3. Discount will apply automatically in cart

Can my Host redeem this offer?
If your Host has a birthday entered into her profile she is eligible to receive the offer.

My customer received a birthday promotion in a different month, but she didn’t get the chance to use it. Can I add her to next month’s email?
No, customers are only eligible to receive one birthday reward per calendar year in the month of their birthday.

Are there any exclusions from redeeming this offer?
Gift cards, Charity Items, Style Club Memberships, out of stock styles and backordered styles are excluded from the discount. Other exclusions may apply. 

How will this promotion work with other promotions?
Please keep in mind, Birthday Rewards are applied to full-price product only. You can shop promotions and use birthday rewards in the same order, however, birthday rewards will only apply to non-promotional items. Additionally, any offers with a spend threshold would apply AFTER the birthday discount is applied.

  • Monthly Exclusive Offers: For example, when shopping Monthly Exclusive Offers and Birthday Rewards, the customer must have $50 or more in cart after the birthday rewards discount is applied and the Birthday Rewards discount will not be applied to any of the Monthly Exclusive Offer items. *PLEASE NOTE: This promo is NOT combinable with the Style Club renewal coupon.
  • SUBSCRIBE TO SAVE: No, birthday rewards apply to full-price purchases only and cannot be combined with the 10% S2S discount.

My customer doesn’t have an account, how can she create one?
She can create an account in the following 3 ways:

What if my customer makes a return on the order, will the credit be added back to their account?
No, if your customer makes a return on the order they will not receive the credit back to their account. 

  1. Place an order through her Ambassador! An account is automatically created for a customer when she places a Stella & Dot order. She’ll then need to set a password later in order to enter and edit any account information.
  2. Host an Event! An account is automatically created for a customer when she signs up to host an Event. She’ll then need to set a password later using the “Recover Password” flow.
  3. Create an account on your personal website! During this process, ask her to create an account and password on your personal website. Once this is done, she can enter/edit her own account information.

What if my customer does not have any eligible items in their cart to receive the promo?

If your customer has only discounted item in their cart, the Birthday Rewards promo will remain in their account and will be eligible on the next order within their birthday month.

Why are Birthday Rewards redeemable on full-price items only?

Birthday Rewards will now apply to full priced items only (this means that all sale, and promotional items will be excluded from this promo).  The offer will auto-apply to the first qualifying purchase during the customer’s birthday month. This means, if the customer makes a purchase in which the Birthday Rewards will not apply, the rewards will be saved to their account and auto-apply to their order of $75 USD/ $90 CAD, on the full-price items only.

This helps ensure multiple promotions can stack correctly against one another so your customer gets the maximum benefit. In addition to streamlining the way our promotions stack and simplifying the customer experience, this change also focuses the customer on full priced items (vs. discounted items in option 1) and therefore has the potential to drive more sales for you!

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