SD Pay Plan + Procedures


Stella & Dot Pay Plan


What will my Ambassador Personal Discount be?

While not a part of our Pay Plan, it is important to note all Ambassadors receive a 25% discount off retail on personal purchases placed on the Ambassador account. Discount is applied at the time of sale and is not eligible for Personal Sales Commissions.

How does PQV differ in the US and Canada?

For the most part, PQV is the same on products for both US and Canada as it is based on the US retail price and on the profit margin of the product sold. However, for discounted items, such as regimens or markdowns, PQV earned is based on the amount the customer pays. Since US and Canada have a slightly different discount percentage by item, you may notice a slight variance in PQV on the same bundle in US versus Canada.

How will I know how much QV and RV will be awarded for each product sold?

Later in 2020 we will be providing visibility to estimated earnings based on the RV of each product. Until then, we will be publishing a guideline chart to provide insight to the approximate RV that will be awarded for each product category. 

Are there Sales Points for Starter Kits or Business Materials?

No. Starter Kits, Business Materials, business fees (i.e., renewal fees, personal website fees, and registration fees), samples, and certain promotions do not have QV, RV or WV, and therefore do not generate commissions and do not count towards qualifications or reward opportunities. Discounts, charity items and other product specials may have discounted QV, RV and WV.

However, starting in Jan 2021 the optional Add ons for starter kits will have QV. 

When will I get paid on the new Pay Plan?

Please see the payment schedule on the lounge for pay dates. Personal Sales Commissions will still continue to be paid weekly, starting at the 20% rate. Bonuses paid for the additional 5-20% earned in Personal Sales Commission will be paid month end. Coaching Commissions and all other bonuses will be paid monthly after month end.

What is the S&D Pay Plan, how will I earn?

The S&D Pay Plan is our single Compensation Plan that will reward personal sales to customers and the customer sales of team members across all 3 Stella & Dot Family of Brands. Please see the Pay Plan Overview training available in S&D University or the Pay Plan Chart and PDF for full details.

Who is a Referrer?

A person who personally refers and helps someone become a new Ambassador by opening their own S&D Shop.

Why are there different requirements and rewards for US vs. Canada?

Because RV is determined on the local retail price, this necessitates that anywhere we have caps (such as 5,000 RV Line 1 Commissions and 1% thereafter) we have to increase the amount that can be counted for our Canadian Ambassadors. 

Likewise, because Canadian Ambassadors have to sell more RV to earn the same amount of QV, the Executive Monthly Cash Rewards are adjusted to a higher Canadian Dollar amount. 


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