Product Program

2021 Product Program

Monthly Perks update effective March 1, 2021

A simple way to earn discounted product – every day, month and season! 


As an Ambassador, you get 25% off almost everything. 


Earn $100/$120 CAD Product Credit every month when you sell 1,000+ PQV in a month.  

Earn 50% accessories when sampling when you sell 300 PQV in a season. 

Remember to keep profits in your pocket by selling off retired samples from prior seasons to cover your costs, all while earning 50% off the new line.  Learn how here!



All Ambassadors receive 25% off all products from all brands every day.

This 25% discount CAN be applied to most EVER bundles, including Regimens.

Some exclusions apply such as some Stella & Dot or KEEP bundles, Gift Cards, or S&D Insiders Club. 

$100/$120 CAD PRODUCT CREDIT (Start earning March 2021)

Sell 1,000 PQV (sales points) by the end of the month (11:59 pm PT) to receive $100/$120 CAD Product Credit.

New Ambassadors begin earning after they end their Jumpstart and are on Day 61! 

Product Credit will be loaded within 5 business days at the beginning of the next month. It expires after 6 months, so be sure to use it! 

Use the Business Dashboard to track your monthly PQV to see if you’ve sold 1,000 PQV. Returns on orders will affect your PQV.

Product Credit will be applied to the order first and applies to the current retail price of the items in your bag.

  • Product Credit can be applied on business supplies, skincare, makeup, apparel, and accessories.  

​50% OFF SAMPLING (Accessories only) 

Ambassadors can earn 50% off accessories to redeem during sampling periods throughout the year. 

  • During Mainline Sampling periods: Earn your 50% off discount when you sell 300 points (PQV) over the previous season. 50% discount can be applied to both new and carryforward accessories.
  • During Capsule sampling periods in between mainline launches: Earn your 50% off* discount when you sell 300 points (PQV) over the previous season OR within the same season that the capsule launches. 50% can be applied to new products only. 

Use the Business Dashboard to check your total month’s points (PQV) at the end of the month. Keep track monthly to determine what your total points (PQV) are for a season. Returns on orders will affect your PQV.


Points (PTS): Points are the same as PQV

PQV: Personally Qualified Volume

Qualify: Sell 300 points in a month

Samples: Product personally purchased by an Ambassador to display at events or take photos of.

Sampling: The process of personally buying products with your Ambassador 25% off discount or earned 50% off discount. The 50% off discount is only applicable to earners during sampling windows.

Sampling window: Period of time when earners can purchase their samples at 50% off discounts (some exclusions apply).

Mainline sampling: New accessories plus almost all carryforward available for 50% off.

Season: the same as a quarter, a grouping of 3 months.

  • January, February, March
  • April, May, June
  • July, August, September
  • October, November, December

When does the Product Program update begin?

  • Monthly $100/ $120 CAD Product Credit – Begin earning starting March 1, 2021 to redeem starting April 2021
  • 50% off seasonal discount – Begin earning starting January 1, 2021 to redeem for April 2021.
  • Note: If you earned your 50% discount from Oct-Dec 2020, you will be able to redeem in January 2021.

Will I be able to track my progress and track my team’s progress for earning?

Yes. You can track earning the 50% off sampling seasonal perk within your Business Dashboard. 

You can track earning the $100/$120 CAD Product Credit monthly perk through your monthly PQV through your Business Dashboard and Coaching report. 

Can I use my 50% off sampling discount on Ever?

No. Ever will not be eligible for the 50% off sampling discount. You will be able to use your Ambassador discount of 25% off on Ever as well as Product Credit.  We need something more here. There’s no incentive for a skincare only focused ambassador. 

Is there an expiration to redeem the 50% off on sampling discount?

Yes. The 50% off is only available during the sampling windows on accessories. 

Can I receive PQV (sales points) on personal orders?

Personal Qualifying Volume (PQV) and Wholesale Volume (WV) are awarded on Ambassador orders on any total amount after the 25% discount has been applied. Personal Retail Volume (PRV) is not awarded for Ambassador personal orders.

Learn more about S&D Pay Plan here.

How do returns impact the qualifications for this program?

Returns will have the same impact on your points (PQV) as they do your monthly activity; you will see any returns made during this program be deducted from your points (PQV). As always, we recommend that you aim for at least 10% extra than the perk you want to hit to account for last minute returns. The Delight Center will not be able to make exceptions for this.

How long will this program be in effect?

This is an ongoing program that does not have a published end date. This program is subject to change without prior notice.

This information is subject to change without prior notice.

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