How does KEEP Collective quality compare to Stella & Dot?

Both Keep and Stella & Dot styles are made with quality materials and tested to the same high standards, but there are some differences between the two and it has mainly to do with the type of engraving we use.

S&D Style (Yellow Gold image on the left)
Brass Chain/Pendant w/ real gold (or silver) plating- Both the brass chain and heart pendant are plated with real gold or real silver plating. 

S&D Diamond Drag Engraving- This type of engraving lasts longer/does not fade over time because the surface is actually scratched/embedded. Because of this the plating needs to be much thicker to withstand the process

Keep Style (Rose Gold image on the right)
Stainless Steel Chain w/ Rose Gold Ionic Plating- Stainless Steel chain is an alternative to brass chain. Ionic plating does use small amounts of real gold but not the same level as SD plating. Ionic plating is commonly used in Jewelry because of longer wear-ability. 

Keep Laser Etch Engraving – This type of engraving allows us to engrave on multiple of surface materials and also gives us freedom to create more characters with our engraving processes.

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