COVET by Stella & Dot

Covet was born from our belief that simple can be beautiful, and that in fact, it’s the simple things in life that you should truly covet the most. We lovingly create designs that capture a timeless beauty, with unmistakable quality and classic but curious details to celebrate the joys of life.

Delicates can be just as striking as anything else you wear – especially when they’re crafted with luxe materials. Made with hand-set black or white diamonds and shimmering, solid 14k yellow or white gold, these pieces are perfect on their own or layered. 

Additionally, our Covet handbag collection is made with high quality leather in timeless shapes and sizes. Designed with function in mind, these handbags are the answer to your everyday style and every last detail is covetable.

Covet is the everyday reminder of the things that mean the most. What do you Covet?

Why did we decide to create Covet by Stella & Dot?

Covet by Stella & Dot is an opportunity renewal for all Ambassadors. It positions us within the fine jewelry space and offers a greater opportunity for earning with higher price points. Moreover, our pieces use conflict-free, ethically-sourced natural diamonds.

Our customers have asked for leather bags for years. We are proud that Covet uses leather sourced in a responsible and high-quality manner. Who isn’t going to want to book an event for an opportunity to earn free leather bags and diamonds?! Additionally, we have our incredible personal service to offer!

What is the price range of Covet?
  • Covet leather goods range from $199 – $299 US | $219 – $349 CA
  • Covet fine jewelry ranges from $199 – $299 US | $219 – $329 CA
  • Covet fine delicate extenders are $52 US | $62 CA
As an Ambassador, should I sample and sell Covet?

As an Ambassador, you have the option to sample and sell Covet. Family of Brands carryover and core products should still make up the majority of your recommended samples and these will likely contribute to the majority of your orders as the product is always on trend, wearable, and affordable. Covet pieces are a timeless style for anyone who is looking to invest a little more into a special, high-end piece – something they can wear everyday alongside their existing Stella & Dot and KEEP Collective!

You can leverage marketing materials as well as images and videos in MIMI to show customers the Covet products. If you do wish to sell Covet, we recommend that you have one fine jewelry piece and one bag that you want to sample and wear. You can use your samples as a testament to the quality and materials across all Covet styles.

When sharing at an event, we recommend displaying Covet pieces as a separate tray/moment.Covet specific display items are available to order in the lounge under display items. 

Note: sometimes Covet will not be available for 50% off sampling in order to protect inventory for customer sales. 

What is the commission structure for Covet?

The sales points multiplier for Covet is 0.7.

Example: Covet For all Time Necklace: $249/ $279 CAD

PQV: 174.30 (US Price x 0.7)

US PRV: 174.30 (US Price x 0.7)

CA PRV: 195.30 (CA Price x 0.7)

Learn more about sales points multipliers here. 

Who is the right customer for Covet?

Anyone who is looking for timeless, high-end style to add to their everyday wardrobe!

Can Hosts use Referral Rewards on Covet?

Yes! Hosts are able to purchase Covet with their Referral Reward credits and Host half-offs!

Can Customers use store credits to purchase Covet?

Yes! Customers can apply store credits to Covet orders.

Can I use Product Credits to purchase Covet?

Yes! You can apply Product Credits to Covet orders.

Should new Ambassadors purchase Covet for their first samples?

The best thing for a new Ambassador’s business is to build up a gorgeous display! Therefore, we don’t encourage new Ambassadors to use their initial Starter Kit credits on Covet. However, if a new Ambassador sees great demand for Covet, they can use their first 30 days to purchase Covet at 50% off. Additionally, since new Ambassadors earn Product Credit throughout their Jumpstart, they can use Product Credit on Covet styles.

What materials do we use for Covet fine jewelry pieces?

Our Covet fine jewelry pieces are made with 14K gold, 14K white gold, and genuine diamonds.

  • 14K yellow gold is a mixture of pure gold with other alloys.  You’ll see our product is stamped with both 14K & 585, per industry standard labeling. 
  • 14k white gold is a mixture of pure gold with white metals. While nickel is sometimes used to create white gold, we only use silver in our white gold products.
  • Black diamonds are genuine diamonds that have naturally occurring inclusions and are often treated to enhance the darker color. Black diamonds are used on multiple Covet fine jewelry pieces. 
What is the cut and clarity of our diamonds?
  • Cut: round single clarity cut, I
  • Clarity: I
  • Color: H-I

Each diamond is genuine and individually hand cut, please expect some variation.

Do we use responsibly-sourced diamonds?

Yes. We use vendors who source and supply diamonds in a responsible and ethical manner. We also require certification from these vendors to confirm standards are met.

What does “conflict-free diamonds” mean?

Conflict diamonds are rough diamonds mined in areas controlled by armed insurgent forces and sold to undermine legitimate governments. We require that our diamond suppliers provide certification that our diamonds are conflict-free.

What are the materials used for Covet handbags and small leather goods?
  • Exterior materials used are genuine suede and leather; all responsibly sourced.
  • Interior materials used are a custom jacquard lining with Covet branding
Do we responsibly source our leather?

Yes. We are proud that Covet uses leather sourced in a responsible and high-quality manner. Our leather originates from the United States and animals are not raised solely for the production of leather. We use natural dyes and fewer chemicals in the tanning process. We also require our vendors to provide appropriate certification to confirm our standards are met.

Where are Covet pieces made?

Covet fine jewelry is assembled in the United States and India. 

Covet handbags and small leather goods use leather from Pakistan and are assembled in China.

What is the best way to care for Covet jewelry?

With time, dust and daily wear can affect the beauty of diamond jewelry. We recommend the occasional use of a non-abrasive diamond jewelry cleaner with a soft bristled brush. Handle gently and store separately from other pieces to avoid breakage and tangling.

Our Covet line is fine jewelry that uses precious materials – it is very delicate in nature.  It’s always best to remove jewelry before showering, exercising, or swimming. Over time, these activities may damage the metal and stones. It’s important to check fine jewelry regularly to ensure all diamonds are secure.

What is the best way to care for Covet handbags and small leather goods?

Due to the unique texture of suede bags, we do not recommend using the bags during inclement weather. If the bag becomes wet or superficially soiled, use a soft dry cotton cloth to absorb excess liquid, and then allow the bag to air dry. When dried, a suede brush may be used to gently lift the nap. A suede brush may also be used gently to remove superficial dirt.

If the leather is exposed to an excessive amount of liquid, use a soft, dry cotton cloth to blot excess liquid, and then let the item dry naturally. Items damaged due to wear are not eligible for return. Avoid applying creams, polishes, or leather conditioning products to maintain the beauty of these bags.

How does our pricing compare with other fine jewelry and leather good brands?

Covet is designed and made with high-quality, luxurious materials. The craftsmanship and quality have been bench-marked against comparable and competitive products to ensure we are providing the best pricing for these high-end styles.

Can I return or exchange Covet products?

The return policy for Covet products is the same as S&D products.  Please note, items damaged due to wear are not eligible for return.

What if I lose a diamond or my chain breaks? 

We’ll happily return or replace the product if it’s a manufacturer defect. If it is outside of our return policy window, we recommend taking your necklace to a local jeweler.

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