7/6 UPDATE 11pm PT: Baby Boss Sample Set

We have quickly sold through the customizable straps in Gold/Black/Blush/Cream & Hunter/Navy that we had allocated for Ambassador Launch. Because of this, the Baby Boss sample set is no longer available. Additional units of the strap in Gold/Black/Blush/Cream & Hunter/Navy will be available again with customer launch. Not to worry! To enable Ambassadors to still enjoy your sampling discount on this gorgeous new bag, we have opened the Baby Boss Bag with Customizable Strap for Ambassador sampling at 50% off.

Check out these assets to set yourself up for success:


Ambassador Early Access 

Get early access on 7/7 on the following products to purchase:

  • KEEP Collector’s Edition (can sample up to 25% off)
  • Stella & Dot July Main Line (can sample up to 50% off)
  • KEEP Collective July Main Line (can sample up to 50% off)


Ambassador Early Access: As our VIPs, Ambassadors get first access to product before it launches to customers. Products open for Ambassador early access are able to be discounted up to 50% off (25% discount or 50% off sampling discount).

Samples: Product personally purchased by an Ambassador to display at events or take photos of

Sampling: The process of personally buying product with your Ambassador 25% off discount or earned 50% off discount. The 50% off discount is only applicable to earners during sampling windows. (EVER products may only be purchased at 25% Ambassador Discount)

Sampling window: Period of time when earners can purchase their samples at 50% off discounts (some exclusions apply)

Season: The same as a quarter, a grouping of 3 months

Points (PTS): Points are the same as PQV

PQV: Personally Qualified Volume

Qualify: sell 300 points in a month

New: “New” refers to a new style that we see carrying forward. If it sells out, we will reorder. A new style can shift to “seasonal” in the future when it’s no longer in season. We will always give you a heads up on the PAL when this change is made.

  • Squirrel – Rose Gold
  • Glass Acorn – Silver
  • Oak Leaf – Rose Gold
  • Single Leather Band – Tortoiseshell/Burgundy
  • Single Leather Band – Black/Saddle- Mixed- Universal
  • Adjustable Stella Strap- Gold/Black/White
  • Adjustable Stella Strap RG/ Black/ White
  • Adjustable Stella Strap- Gold/Crimson/White
  • Adjustable Stella Strap- Gold/Royal Blue/Yellow
  • Adjustable Stella Strap- Gold/Dark Blue/Red
  • Adjustable Stella Strap- Gold/Hunter Green/Dk Navy
  • Adjustable Stella Strap- Gold/Black/Blush/Cream
  • Adjustable Stella Strap- Silver/Black/Blush/Cream
  • Adjustable Stella Strap Silver / Black/ White
  • KEEP-It Rainbow Stone Letter – A – Z
  • Enamel Pegasus Earrings-Pale Pink
  • Heritage Coin Charm Necklace-Gold
  • Pouf – Black/ Cream Stripe
  • Pouf – Camo
  • Pouf – Pink Champagne
  • Lady Boss Crossbody-Black Camo
  • Dress for Success styles
  • EVER products
  • Starter Kits
  • Gift cards
  • Backordered items
  • Out of stock styles 

SURPRISE! In July score an EXTRA stylish discount on the Ambassador Only Sampling Set with one easy click! The set is just for the Ambassador community and is discounted just for you and only available for a limited time. 

Baby Boss Set with Set of 3 Adjustable Straps

Ambassador Only Baby Boss set with a set of 3 adjustable straps is $149 US/$169 CA valued at $156 US/$191 CA. This is an exciting opportunity to explore customization of straps with the same tote style you love in a smaller scale. 

PLUS, you can use your Ambassador discount of 25% or 50% off on top of the discounted price! 

The set includes:

  • Baby Boss Tote ($99 US/$119 CA)
  • Adjustable Stella Strap- Gold/Black/White ($19 US/$24 CA)
  • Adjustable Stella Strap- Gold/Hunter Green/Dk Navy ($19 US/$24 CA)
  • Adjustable Stella Strap- Gold/Black/Blush/Cream ($19 US/$24 CA)

The set is priced for Ambassadors with a discount off the retail value plus you can take advantage of your Ambassador discount on top of the set price!

Shopping with your 25% Ambassador discount? Purchase the Ambassador Only Baby Boss set with a set of 3 adjustable straps for $111.75 US/$126.75 CA.

Shopping with your 50% off discount? Purchase the Ambassador Only Baby Boss set with a set of 3 adjustable straps for $74.50 US/$84.50 CA.


Due to production and shipping delays caused by COVID-19, the following products will be arriving a little later than expected. We are working with our vendors and carriers to get all products in our hands as quickly as possible and ready for our published launch dates. Additionally, while the rest of our new arrivals are scheduled to arrive on time, we may continue to see shipping delays impacting the delivery of other products. We are closely monitoring all products and will keep you posted on any changes.

We will  be accepting backorders on the following:

  • Sequin Oh Yeah Earrings 
  • Lady Boss Backpack

Our sampling policy on Stella & Dot and KEEP Collective styles

You may only purchase and maintain one (1) unit of any item at any given time.  If for any reason you feel for any reason you feel that you would like to preserve a personal item for your own use, you may purchase one (1) additional unit of that item for these purposes only.

Can I return or exchange my engravables (bags and jewelry)?

No, due to the custom personalization of each piece, we will not accept returns or exchanges on any items that have been personalized/engraved. If you’ve purchased an engravable piece, but did not actually personalize the item (it was purchased blank/unengraved), then the standard return policy will apply.

The only exception to the no-returns policy is in the following circumstances: 

  • If the image on the Personalization Worksheet or item image in the Lounge is different from what you received
  • If the font and/or letter selected during personalization are different from what you received. Please note, the Delight Team will validate upon your exchange request
  • If there are quality issues (i.e. a manufacturer’s defect), such as off-center engraving or a scratched item

If you need to replace your Personalized/Engraved Products, please contact the Delight Center within 120 days of purchase and they will assist you with your replacement. Please note, you will not be able to process returns/exchanges/replacements on engravable items through your Lounge.

Return Policy on samples at 50% off

Ambassador sample orders are eligible for a refund or exchange within 14 days of the order date on the original order. 

Ambassador apparel orders: To manage inventory and costs, it is necessary for us to enforce a strict 14-day return policy for unworn Ambassador orders. Additionally, Ambassador apparel orders can only be returned for store credit. Do not buy more than you intend to keep. 

Check out our July Collection Walkthrough video here and find more product videos on our YouTube channel. Find them in Mimi under Product Videos for easy sharing!

50% off Ambassador Sampling Discount: 7/7 – 7/22
Ambassadors who earned 50% off by selling 300+ PQV cumulative from April 1 through June 30, 2020 can enjoy their discount on almost all Stella & Dot and KEEP Collective products!

This 50% off discount is not combinable with your everyday Ambassador 25% Discount. During sampling if you have earned the 50% off discount it replaces your 25% Ambassador Discount. 

REMINDER: There are no PRV, PQV or WV earned on the items discounted at sampling 50% off. 

Redeeming Perks                    

Your perks will apply to your bag in the following order. 

  1. Product Credit (applied to the full current price of items)
  2. Your Ambassador discount. 

Earning Sample Perks

How can I earn 50% off sampling (on applicable products)?
Ambassadors that sold 300+ PQV cumulative from April 1 – June 30, 2020 will receive 50% off samping on applicable products. 

I’m a new Ambassador in my first 30 days. Do I receive an additional discount on samples?
No, you will not receive an additional discount. As a new Ambassador, you already receive 50% off samples in your first 30 days.

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