August Product Program Perks

August Monthly Perks Discount

August Monthly Perks Discount –

Open to Ambassadors that sold at least 500 PQV in July! 

Sell 500 points (PQV) and purchase a discount that you can use on almost anything in the following month.

When you sell 500 points (PQV) by the end of each month (11:59 pm PT), you will unlock access to your Monthly Perks for the following month. 

The August Monthly Perks Discount is available from 8/4 9:00am PT to 8/12 11:59pm PT. The Monthly Perks Discount must be purchased on the same sampling order that it is used! 

If you sold 500 points (PQV) in July, you earned a discount worth $50 that you can purchase for only $12.50! For Canadians the discount is $60, and you purchase it for only $15.

Use the Business Dashboard which shows your PQV, to check at month close to see if you’ve sold 500 points (PQV). Returns on orders will affect your PQV.

  • The $50/$60 CA discount you receive will be applied proportionally against eligible items in your cart. 
  • You can only use the entire discount on 1 sampling order, therefore to use the full benefits of the discount, the eligible items in your cart have to be equal to the same amount as the discount or greater. If you do not meet this threshold you will lose the remaining balance on that discount.
    • When you are adding items to your cart you will see the amount of the discount being applied increase until you hit the maximum discount ($50/$60 CA off). 

REMEMBER once purchased, they must be used on the same order or the discount is lost. 

Product Credit and Ambassador discount of 25% or 50% can be applied on the same order as the Monthly Perks Discount. Your perks will apply in the following order:

  1. Your Monthly Perks Discount ($50/$60 CA)
  2. Product Credit (applied to the current retail price of items)
  3. Your Ambassador discount.

How to redeem the Monthly Perks Discount:

  1. Go to Shop for Myself and click on Redeem Now in the cart banner or Browse Catalog, click on Business Supplies and add to your bag or Search monthlyperks-discount. Select the discount and add it to your shopping bag. 
  2. When the $50/$60 CA discount is added to your bag it’s cost will reduce to $12.50/$15 CA for earners. 
  3. Then add what you would like to sample before checkout. Eligible items for the $50/$60 CA off will be applied to the discount until the maximum amount of the discount ($50/$60 CA) is reached.  

Note: the discount will apply proportionally across eligible items in your bag. You must use the discount at time of it’s purchase and in full. When you are adding eligible items to your cart you will see the amount of the discount being applied increase until you hit the maximum discount.

  1. Complete your order and start booking events with your new, gorgeous style!

NOTE: Earners can only purchase this discount once at the reduced price.

Learn more about the Product Program here

What is excluded from the Monthly Perks Discount?

Charity skus, July Discounted sets, July Sample Set, May Sampling Sets, Stella & Dot Ambassador Exclusives, KEEP Collector’s Editions, 50% off sampling exclusions, backordered product, Style Club member purchase and gift cards.

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