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We updated the order flow in the Lounge so it’s quicker than ever to place customer orders. The new flow removes a few steps, allows you to update the Customer and/or Event during the flow and works even better on mobile! Check out the step-by-step explanation and video tutorial below. 

Placing Customer Orders
There are a few ways to place a customer order:

  1. From the contact list page you can click Place Order to start an order for that customer. After clicking you’ll go right to the add items page with that customer selected.
  2. As before, from the saved orders tab you can go back to a bag you already started for a customer.
  3. You can click Customer/Host Order under Orders and Shop or Create Order from the Orders List page – this will open the Add Items page with no customer selected. You can use the Edit option on this page, the bag page or checkout to add the customer.

Once you have a customer selected you’ll see their credits and rewards and can apply those on the bag page.

One of the big advantages of this new flow is that you can start an order and add the customer later on – for example, at checkout. You can also create a bag to share with no customer info attached to it.

Placing Event Orders
With the new flow, you have more flexibility around adding an Event to the order (or removing it). On the Add Items page, bag page or checkout page click the Edit icon next to the Event info to change/add/remove the Event. 

You can also click Create an Order from the Event details page and you will be taken to the Add Items page with the Event selected.

Check out this video tutorial on the New Lounge Order Flow:


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