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Where do I find gift cards on our site?
To find Gift Cards on our site, simply enter ‘gift card’ in the product search field at the upper right-hand corner or find the gift card link in our site footer.

What are the gift card amount options?
Gift Cards my be purchased in the denominations: $6.95 US only | $10.95 CA only, $25, $50, $75, $100, $150, $200 and $250

How do I purchase a Gift Card in the Lounge?
1. While placing a customer order, you’ll have 8 gift cards sku options  – $6.95 US only | $10.95 CA only, $25, $50, $75, $100, $150, $200 and $ 250

Find gift card SKUs under Business Supplies by logging into lounge and looking under Business supplies or simply search ‘gift’

2. You will receive an order confirmation as normal.  Then, within 3 hours, the gift card recipient will receive a separate gift card email containing the gift card number and pin.  Please note, due to privacy regulations, Ambassadors will not be cc’d on this email.

3. The recipient can then redeem the gift card while placing an order through the site at any time!  You can also redeem a gift card for a customer through the lounge.

Are gift cards available in Dottie?
No, gift cards are not currently available in Dottie.

Is there a limit on how many gift cards a customer can purchase?
No, customers can purchase multiple gift cards in one order.

Is there a physical gift card I can send customers?
No, there are only eGift cards available at this time.

A customer purchased a Gift Card with me. Are they required to redeem it with me as well?
Gift Card recipients are free to redeem theirs with the Ambassador of their choosing, on any Ambassador website or online at Recipients of eGift Cards purchased through your personal website will be directed to your personal website to shop, unless they have a preferred Ambassador.

How are my commission and PQV affected when a customer redeems a gift card with me?
Because Commission and PQV are earned on the sale of the Gift Card, you will not receive Commission or PQV on the redemption of the Gift Card. If the order value is greater than the value of the Gift Card, you will receive standard Commission and PQV on the balance after the Gift Card is used. Think of Gift Cards like store credit that act as a ‘dollars off’ discount for the customer.

On what items can customers redeem Gift Cards?
Gift Cards can be applied towards customer orders for all commissionable products. This includes Customer Web Orders, Event Orders, Non-Event Customer Orders, and Host Orders. They cannot be used for non-commissionable orders, such as Sign up cost, renewal or Ambassador orders. Gift Cards cannot be used to pay for backordered items.

Do gift cards need to be spent in the same country in which they were purchased?

Can a customer purchase multiple Gift Cards in the same order?
Yes! Customers can purchase as many Gift Cards as they like!

Can a customer use more than one Gift Card in the same order?
No, our system can accept only one Gift Card per order.

How do I check the balance of a Gift Card?
To check the balance of an existing Gift Card, you will need to contact into the Delight Center.

Does a customer need to spend the balance at once?
No, any remaining balance will remain on the card.

Will a Host get Style Rewards when a customer shops with a Gift Card at her Event?
Host Style Rewards are only earned on the amount of the purchase beyond the Gift Card amount. Even if another Ambassador sold the Gift Card, the accepting Ambassador and Host will get credit on any amount paid out of pocket after the full balance of the Gift Card has been redeemed.

Do Gift Cards expire?
No, Gift Cards do not expire.

My customer lost her Gift Card. What does she need to do?
Please have your customer contact the Delight Center with the name and email address of the person who purchased the Gift Card for them. We will be happy to send you a replacement for any unused balance and would simply require the original order number, Gift Card number, or name and email address of the person who gave you the card. Lost physical Gift Cards with remaining balances can also be replaced with store credit, as long as you can verify the order number or email address of the last order placed.

Does the email address associated with an eGift Card have to be the address of the person spending the card?
No, it does not.

Can I use a Gift Card on a personal Ambassador order?
No, Gift Cards are only redeemable in customer and Host accounts.

Can a customer return an item purchased with a Gift Card?
Yes, the refund will be issued as a Store Credit, which can be applied to a future purchase.

Can customers split payment on an order between a Gift Card and credit card?
Yes, a customer may pay for part of an order with a Gift Card, and the remaining balance with a credit card.

Can Gift Cards be used to cover the cost of sales taxes and shipping?
Yes, Gift Cards are treated like cash and may be applied to the retail purchase price, taxes, and any shipping fees.

Can I reload my Gift Card with additional funds?
No, you cannot add additional value to a Gift Card after it has been purchased.

Can a customer return a Gift Card?
No, purchased gift cards are final sale and non-returnable.

Can a customer choose what amount from their Gift Card balance they want applied to an order?
No, they cannot. If their order total is less than the amount on the Gift Card, the remaining balance will stay on the card. If their order total exceeds the amount on the Gift card, the card will be redeemed for the full amount, and the customer will complete her order with a credit card.

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