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How does a customer subscribe to Stella & Dot Marketing Emails

In order to get S&D emails, customers must have a customer account in order to easily opt in to S&D emails via our site homepage.


As a Ambassador, can I edit my customer’s email subscription preferences?

Ambassadors can only opt customers into S&D email during the order process and are not able to manage the customer’s email email subscription preferences otherwise.  Customers need to make changes themselves.

  • Note: at this time, due to our August site and lounge migration, Ambassadors are not able to see whether or not a customer is opted in to email. We are working on bringing this functionality back with future site updates. 


What kind of emails does the Home Office send to customers and which customers receive them?

The Home Office sends two types of emails to customers:

  • Transactional: Emails about a customer’s order and delivery, rewards earned, and redemption instructions
  • Marketing: Emails about the launch of new collections, special offers and sales, styling tips, celebrity sightings, Ambassador sign-up and Host promotions

All customers who provide their email addresses will receive standard transactional emails, but only customers who have checked the box to opt-in to marketing emails will receive those.


I’ve heard it’s required to input my customer’s email address when placing an order or creating a contact, but can you tell me why?

They will receive their order details, can track the progress of their order, receive information about any rewards they have earned and can process any returns or exchanges more efficiently.


What do I do if I realize I do not have a customer’s email address when I’m ready to enter her order?

In that case, we recommend the following options:

– Do you have the customer’s phone number? It’s worth a quick phone call- and she’ll appreciate the service! In fact, that could be the beginning of a beautiful customer service relationship!

– In a pinch, if you believe your Host may have her email- you can consider reaching out to her during your Host rewards conversation (Quick tip: make sure you have gone through all your orders so you can reach her once with all your questions!) This is also a great opportunity to remind her to collect outside orders.

– If all else fails, call customer care to have them place the order for you.


I’ve also hear it’s important to ask my customer if she would like to receive marketing emails, but remind me why and how to do that?

Customers who opt-in to our marketing emails will receive exclusive offers and styling tips and will be the first to know when our new collections launch. This benefits your customers as well as your business as these customers will be more likely to place future orders with you when they receive these emails. You opt customers into receiving marketing emails by checking the box below their email address either when placing an order or creating a contact.


My customer doesn’t feel comfortable giving out her email address- what should I tell her?

Words to say: “When you provide your email address, your receipt will be automatically emailed to you and you’ll be able to track your order. We will only use your email address for order-related emails, but you should consider check this box to receive emails with special offers and styling advice! We always have great tips on to match your accessories with your outfit as well as special sales and promotions!”


My customer would like to receive the transactional emails, but really doesn’t want to get any marketing emails- what can I do?

No problem! Just make sure that when you enter in her email address you uncheck the box next to “This customer would like to receive corporate marketing emails.” It’s that simple!

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