Corporate Manual Assignment Process

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What is Corporate Manual Assignment?

When someone signs up as Ambassador but does not indicate a Sponsor, Home Office assigns her to a sponsor based on the Corporate Manual Assignment (CMA) process outlined in Corporate Manual Assignments section of the Policies & Procedures.


How often should I expect receiving a CMA?

It’s very rare that Ambassadors sign up without indicating a sponsor. Receiving a CMA Ambassador should be considered a happy surprise rather than an expectation.


How are CMAs determined?

To be as fair as possible, first, we always verify that the new Ambassador intended to sign up without a specific Sponsor. Next, we always assign to the nearest Sponsor who meets the below criteria, regardless of whether they’ve received another CMA recently and regardless of Career Rank:

  • Is geographically closest
  • Is paid at Star Pay Rank or above in the preceding month. If there is not a Star Business Owner or above within a fifty (50) mile radius of the new Business Owner, but there is a Senior Business Owner within fifty (50) miles, we will assign to the Senior Business Owner. If there is no Senior Business Owner within fifty (50) miles, we will assign to the closest Business Owner who is at a Star Pay Rank or above
  • Is Qualified based on the Qualifying Volume requirement for the brand

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