Editing Ambassador Account Information (changing name or address)

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Most changes you should be able to easily make yourself in your account settings in the lounge or in your Pay Portal account. See details below for our most common change requests.

How to change your name or social security number with S&D

Because there are tax and legal considerations tied to your name, you are unable to personally make this change in your account. In order to update your name/social security number/social insurance number, simply log into your Pay Portal profile and make the requested edits, including in the Government ID section.

How to update your mailing address with S&D

You can easily update both your mailing address and primary shipping address within the Account section of your Ambassador Lounge.

Follow the steps below to change the address on an Ambassador account:

  1. After logging into your Ambassador Lounge, click on your account in the upper right hand corner and click “Settings” from the drop down menu.
  2. Under “Settings” make sure you are on “Account Details” since that is where you are able to change your Email Address, Account Address and Shipping Address. Once you are satisfied with your address changes, click “Save” at the bottom of the screen to finish.

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