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Renew your account quarterly or annually (for greatest savings) to get uninterrupted access to earning with S&D and all of your Ambassador tools! Account renewal includes your personal website, access to Mimi, and all Ambassador tools plus you get your investment back in Product Credit.

August 1 update – Need to knows:

  1. Effective August 1, you will not be responsible for any payment until your NEXT Stellaversary/ Account Renewal date. 
  2. Effective August 1, everyone will have access to Digital Tools (PWS and Mimi), even if you don’t currently have a subscription.  
  3. Effective August 1, there will no longer be a monthly payment option. 
  4. If you paid an annual Digital Tools renewal fee January – June 2020: We will not charge you for any payments due in 2020. Your fees will resume in 2021, at which point you can choose quarterly or annual. Until then, for system reasons, you will be automatically put onto a quarterly renewal program. You will need to manually update your account in 2021.
  5. Check out some FAQs below. 


What is this fee for?

The annual or quarterly renewal fee covers your PWS, access to the ambassador lounge, discount on products, and other costs of doing business.

How much is the fee?

What happens if my card on file is outdated?

We will attempt to charge your card and if payment fails, we will contact you about updating your payment information. Otherwise, we will deactivate your account. It is recommended that the Ambassador update their primary form of payment in their lounge prior to their renewal due date.

What happens if I don’t pay my fee?

Failure to pay the renewal fee will result in the deactivation of your ambassador account per the Ambassador Agreement.

When does the product credit get loaded to my account?

This process is automatic. Once the payment is successful, the product credit will load in the ambassador’s account.

What if I pay my fee after the due date? Will I get the product credit?

Yes, as soon as the payment is made, the product credit will load to your account.

How do I pay the fee?

The annual renewal is charged to the saved method of payment that is set as primary on an Ambassador’s account.

How do I know when my account renewal is due/ how do I find my Stellaversary date?

Your Stellaversary date is the same date as your Account Renewal date. To locate, go to your Account Settings in the Lounge and see Account Renewal date listed in the Account Details section.  

Where will I be able to update my account renewal plan?

You will be able to update your account renewal plan in your Account Settings in the Lounge in the Account Details section.

How can I reactivate my account if deactivated?

If your account was deactivated due to Activity requirements (within 6 months):

  • Less than 6 months ago: in order to reactivate following an Inactivity deactivation, you will need to meet the activity requirements:
    • If you were deactivated due to not having a customer order within your first 60 days, you will need to have a customer order to qualify for reactivation.
    • If you were deactivated due to not having 300 PQV in a rolling 6-month period, you will need to have 300 PQV to qualify for reactivation.
    • We recommend having these ready, as your account will deactivate again if the qualifications are not met.
    • Once ready to reactivate, contact the Ambassador Relations team ( to request to reactivate. Ambassador Relations will reactivate your account so that you can input your orders. If requirements are met, you will remain activated. If requirements are not met, your account will deactivate again by the end of the current month.

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