Is your customer’s favorite item out of stock? Not to worry! We offer back-orders on many of our out of stock items (however – not all of them). See the below FAQs for details.

  • Both customers and Ambassadors may place orders for backorder items
  • Please note: when you place an order with expedited shipping that contains a backordered item, it will ship with standard shipping once it’s back in stock.
  • You can always check the PA for back in stock dates, as they may sometimes change due to orders coming in earlier than expected or delayed shipments
  • Backorder items will not be available for 50% off sampling. Ambassadors may purchase back-ordered items with your 25% off discount.
  • You will be charged for your backorder on the date your item ships, not the date you place your order. If you have an order with both backorder and non-backorder items, you will be immediately charged for your shipping fee + non-back-ordered items + tax, and you will be charged for your back-ordered items when they ship + tax (no additional shipping fee)
  • You can cancel a back-ordered item by emailing the Delight Center
  • Please note: not every product will have backorder functionality. As we test this new functionality, we will keep you updated on out of stock items that are available for backorder. The minimum price for a backorder is $29/$36CAD, however there are other considerations taken on whether or not an item will be available for backorder.
  • When it comes to deciding the timing for backorders, the “when” is based on the ship date. This ship date is the estimated date that the product will be available to ship to your customers. Customers will not incur an additional shipping fee for back-ordered items.
  • Ambassadors will be awarded PQV when the back-ordered item ships. Before the item ships, you will see your PQV for the back-order items under ‘pending PQV’. Once the item is shipped, you will receive a notification in MIMI and your commissions will show up in your personal sales report.
  • While PQV is not awarded until the back-ordered item ships, if the back-order is placed at an Event, the Hostess will earn rewards when the order is placed.
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